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Articles in this topic:

  1. Lithium Buyer’s Guide—Budget: Economy Options
  2. Applying Power and Torque
  3. Hurricane Mooring Pennant Photo Article
  4. Understanding Power and Torque
  5. Lithium Buyer’s Guide—Budget: High End System
  6. Close to Home, Yet Far Away
  7. Wakespeed WS500 Compared To ARCO Zeus—What Matters
  8. Tips For A Reliable Cruising Boat
  9. Adventure 40 Electrical System—Part 1, Voltage and Batteries
  10. Deck Hardware Mounting Photo Essay
  11. Lithium Battery Buyer’s Guide—Fusing
  12. The Rolling Refit Continues
  13. Lithium Batteries Buyer’s Guide—Current (Amps) Requirements and Optimal Voltage
  14. The Zen of Sail Covers
  15. Lithium Batteries Buyer’s Guide—Balancing and Monitoring
  16. Selecting The Right Hull Form
  17. Lithium Batteries Buyer’s Guide—BMS Requirements
  18. Why We Have an eWincher on a Small Boat
  19. Electronic Chart Dangers
  20. Review of Ocean Signal PLB3 Against MOB1
  21. Weather Analysis—Part 2, Strategic
  22. Weather Analysis—Part 1, Tactical
  23. Yes, You Can Have an Offshore Sailboat For Less Than $US100,000
  24. Spade Anchor Failure, Update and Summary
  25. Weather Analysis—Hardware and Software
  26. Bilge Alarms And Monitoring
  27. Bent Spade Anchor Analysis
  28. 9 Tips to Assess Weather Forecast Accuracy
  29. Easily Driven Boats Are Better
  30. Sailing a New-To-Us Boat Home—What Could Go Wrong?
  31. Replacing Diesel-Generated Electricity With Renewables, Part 2—Case Studies
  32. Replacing Diesel-Generated Electricity With Renewables, Part 1—Loads and Options
  33. How Weight Affects Boat Performance and Motion Comfort
  34. Adventure 40 Cockpit 2.0
  35. Falmouth For Orders
  36. Watt & Sea Hydrogenerator Buyer’s Guide—Cost Performance
  37. To Sea At Last
  38. 10 Tips To Save Your Engine From Overheating
  39. Safety Inspection and Gear For a New-To-Us Boat
  40. Fire Extinguishers We Have Bought and Stuff We Learned
  41. Liferafts For Cruisers—Positioning and Mounting
  42. Starting With The Basics On A New-To-Us Cruising Boat
  43. Going Up The Mast—More Improvements
  44. Liferafts For Cruisers—40 Years of Real-World Experience
  45. Nine Autopilot Usage Tips and Hacks
  46. Liferafts For Cruisers—Purchase Criteria
  47. How To Tune An Autopilot To Steer Better—Part 2
  48. Finding and Buying a Dream
  49. Adventure 40 Deck-2.0
  50. How To Tune an Autopilot to Steer Better—Part 1
  51. Autopilot Buyer’s Guide
  52. Storm Strategy—Fore-Reaching
  53. Colin and Louise Have a New Boat
  54. Eight Steps to Get Ready For Lithium Batteries
  55. Q and A—Trucking a Boat
  56. A Real World Tested Tool Kit For Cruisers
  57. Five Boat Lift Usage Tips
  58. Adventure 40 Reveal—Salon and Forward Cabin
  59. Balancing Battery Bank and Solar Array Size
  60. Going Up The Mast at Sea
  61. Adventure 40 Reveal—Galley, Head, and Aft Storage
  62. Gear Leveling and Mounting Hack
  63. Going Up The Mast—Four Dangerous But Common Mistakes
  64. How To Do Amateur Engineering¹
  65. Going Up The Mast—Our System
  66. Going Up The Mast—Fundamentals
  67. Adventure 40 Reveal—On Deck
  68. Going Up the Mast—An Industrial Fall Prevention Approach
  69. Adventure 40 Reveal—Hull, Cockpit, and Rig
  70. In-Mast, In-Boom, or Slab Reefing —Performance, Cost and Safety
  71. In-Mast, In-Boom, or Slab Reefing—Convenience and Reliability
  72. Cross-Bank Battery Charging—DC/DC Chargers
  73. Cross-Bank Battery Charging—Splitters and Relays
  74. Battery Bank Separation and Cross-Charging Best Practices
  75. How Hard Can We Charge Our Lead-Acid Batteries?
  76. Choosing & Installing Battery Switches
  77. Battery Containment—Part 1
  78. 5 Safety Tips For Working on Boat DC Electrical Systems
  79. Building a Seamanlike Lithium Battery System
  80. Two More Shore Power Safety Upgrades
  81. 9 Tips To Select Seamanlike Gear
  82. Download Cruising Sailboat Rig Checklist
  83. When Stuff Goes Wrong At Sea
  84. 8 Tips To Prevent Lithium Battery Black Outs
  85. Why Lithium Battery Load Dumps Matter
  86. Cruising Sailboat Roller Furler and Track Inspection
  87. Positioning of Wood Plugs For Seacocks
  88. The True Price of Autopilots & Vane Gears
  89. Cruising Sailboat Rig Wiring and Lighting Inspection
  90. 7 Checks To Stop Our DC Electrical System From Burning Our Boat
  91. 11 Self-Steering Vane Gear Installation and Usage Tips
  92. Why Most New-To-Us Boat Electrical Systems Must Be Rebuilt
  93. Cruising Sailboat Running Rigging Inspection
  94. 12 Cruising Boat Maintenance Tips
  95. WakeSpeed WS500—Best Alternator Regulator for Lead Acid¹ and Lithium Batteries
  96. Cruising Sailboat Standing Rigging Inspection
  97. Cruising Sailboat Spar Inspection
  98. Test Sail and Review of The Boréal 47.2
  99. Going Alongside (Docking)—12 More Tips and Tricks
  100. John Goes Sailboat Racing and Learns Stuff
  101. Protecting Our Boat’s Underwater Metals From Corrosion
  102. Going Alongside (Docking) in Current—Backing In
  103. Details Matter—Engine Failure at Sea
  104. Going Alongside (Docking) in Current—Turning in Confined Spaces
  105. Going Alongside (Docking) in Current—Fundamentals
  106. Helping a Member Choose an Anchor
  107. A Good First Aid Kit
  108. Why I Won’t Power Our Boat With a Portable Generator
  109. Setting and Striking a Spinnaker Made Easy and Safe
  110. Check Your Boat Shore Power System
  111. Our New Boat Selection Process—Part 1, Fitness For Mission
  112. Cruiser’s Tool Kit—Wrenches
  113. 29 Tips To Get Insurance For Offshore Voyaging—Negotiating Cover
  114. 29 Tips To Get Insurance For Offshore Voyaging—Us and Our Boat
  115. Cruiser’s Power Tool Kit
  116. Leaving a Dock Against an Onshore Wind—Part 2
  117. Leaving a Dock Against an Onshore Wind—Part 1
  118. Getting Insurance For Offshore Voyaging—Understanding The Problem
  119. 14 Tips To Come Alongside Single-Handed—Part 2
  120. 14 Tips for Coming Alongside Single-handed—Part 1
  121. Integrating and Documenting NMEA 0183 and 2000 Networks
  122. Two More Anchor Selection Criteria
  123. Making Anchor Tests More Meaningful
  124. Choosing A Cruising Boat—Shade and Ventilation
  125. When Electric Drive Works For a Cruising Sailboat
  126. Roller Furling Headsail Risks and Rewards
  127. Choosing a Cruising Boat—Shelter
  128. Q&A—Sailboat Performance, When The Numbers Fail
  129. Offshore Sailboat Winches, Selection and Positioning
  130. Best Offshore Boat Cockpit Cushions
  131. Buying a Boat—A Different Way To Think About Price
  132. Safety: We Can’t Do Or Even Learn About It All
  133. Cockpits—Part 2, Visibility and Ergonomics
  134. Cooking Options For Live-aboard Voyagers—Part 2, Liquid Fuel
  135. Cooking Options For Live-aboard Voyagers—Part 1, Electric
  136. Cockpits—Part 1, Safe and Seamanlike
  137. Should Your Boat’s DC Electrical System Be 12 or 24 Volt?—Part 2
  138. Should Your Boat’s DC Electrical System Be 12 or 24 Volt?—Part 1
  139. Topping Lift Tips and a Hack
  140. The Danger of Voltage Drops From High Current (Amp) Loads
  141. Rigid Vangs
  142. Maretron—Better NMEA 2000 Cabling
  143. Efficient Generator-Based Electrical Systems For Yachts
  144. Is Induction Cooking For Boats Practical?
  145. eWincher Electric Winch Handle Review—Part 3, Reliability and Summary
  146. eWincher Electric Winch Handle Review—Part 2, The Competition
  147. eWincher Electric Winch Handle Review—Part 1, Our Testing
  148. Second Level Thinking About Offshore Voyaging Boats
  149. SeaAngel SA15 AIS Crew Overboard Beacon Compared to The Ocean Signal MOB1
  150. Sailboat Deck Layouts
  151. US$30,000 Starter Cruiser—Part 2, The Boat We Bought
  152. US$30,000 Starter Cruiser—Part 1, How We Shopped For Our First Cruising Sailboat
  153. Washing Machines: Complexity and Space Considerations
  154. Planning a Refit— Keel Removal and Inspection
  155. Q&A Backing Out of a Bow-In Med Moor
  156. Two New Designs From Boréal
  157. Stupid Alternator Regulators Get Smarter…Finally
  158. Sail Area: Overlap, Multihulls, And Racing Rules
  159. Planning a Refit—Torquing Keel Bolts
  160. Refits—The Radical Option
  161. Non-Destructive Testing of Keel Bolts
  162. Cruising Rigs—Sloop, Cutter, or Solent?
  163. Offshore Sailboat Keel Types
  164. Outbound 46 Review—Part 2, Keel, Rudder, Bow Thruster, and Construction
  165. Planning and Budgeting an Engine Rebuild or Replacement
  166. Outbound 46 Review—Part 1, Hull Form
  167. Planning a Refit—Upfront Costs
  168. ShoreFasts—Part 3, The Gear
  169. ShoreFasts—Part 2, Example Setups Plus Tips and Tricks
  170. ShoreFasts—Part 1, When to Use Them
  171. Planning a Refit—Rudders, Repair or Replacement
  172. Planning a Refit—The Problem With Rudders
  173. Yawing at Anchor, The Theory and The Solution
  174. Planning a Refit—Boat Parameters
  175. Retrieval of Dyneema (Spectra) Series Drogues Solved
  176. Planning a Refit—It’s a Lot About You
  177. Anchoring—Chain: Stoppers, Termination and Marking
  178. A Sail Away Offshore Cruising Boat For Less Than US$100,000—Best Hull Material
  179. Anchoring—Kellets
  180. A Sail Away Offshore Cruising Boat For Less Than US$100,000—Rudders and Keels
  181. A Sail Away Offshore Cruising Boat For Less Than US$100,000—Decks, Hulls and SS Fittings
  182. Anchoring—Snubbers
  183. A Sail Away Offshore Cruising Boat For Less Than US$100,000—Introduction
  184. Four Hand Tools I Should Have Bought Years Ago
  185. The Garcia Exploration 45 Compared to The Boréal 47—Part 5, Interior, Summary and Price
  186. The Garcia Exploration 45 Compared to The Boréal 47—Part 4, Inside Watch Stations
  187. Insanely Cool Anchorage Toys
  188. The Garcia Exploration 45 Compared to the Boréal 47—Part 3, Hull and Build
  189. Passage Anchorages
  190. The Garcia Exploration 45 Compared to the Boréal 47—Part 2, Deck and Cockpit
  191. The Garcia Exploration 45 Compared to the Boréal 47—Part 1, Introduction and Rig
  192. Some Thoughts On The Ultra Anchor, Roll Bars and Swivels
  193. Which is Best For Navigation: Plotter, Computer or Tablet?
  194. Buying a Boat—Never Say Never
  195. New Satellite Communications Systems
  196. What We Need to Know About Moisture Meters and Wet Fibreglass Laminate
  197. Buying a Fibreglass Boat—Hiring a Surveyor and Managing the Survey
  198. A Useful, But Potentially Deadly, Feature of Navigation Apps and Plotters
  199. Buying a Cruising Boat—Five Tips for The Half-Assed Option
  200. 12 Electronic Navigation Tips From a Cruise on Someone Else’s Boat
  201. Coastal Passages, Part 5—On To The Finish
  202. You May Need a Bigger Boat Than You Think
  203. Costal Passages, Part 4—Keep On Plugging
  204. The Five Things We Need to Check When Buying a Boat
  205. Series Drogues: Learning From Randall Reeves
  206. Coastal Passages, Part 3—Off We Go
  207. Why Are Saildrives Even A Thing?
  208. Coastal Passages, Part 2—Rounding Headlands
  209. Six Things We Can Learn From A Night Approach That Ended on a Lee Shore
  210. Coastal Passages, Part 1—Making a Plan, 10 Tips
  211. Six Warnings About Buying Fibreglass Boats
  212. Rocna Resetting Failures and Evaluation of Vulcan and Mantus
  213. Learn From The Designers
  214. Refitting an Old Boat Can Work…For Some
  215. Specifying Primary Anchor Size
  216. SPADE, SARCA Excel, or Some Other Anchor?
  217. UV Protection For Roller Furling Sails
  218. Nigel Calder’s Integrel, Part 2—Is It Really Better Than a Generator?
  219. Nigel Calder’s Integrel, Part 1—What You Need To Know
  220. SARCA Excel Anchor—A Real World Test
  221. Cruising Boat Electrical System Design, Part 3—Specifying Optimal Battery Bank Size
  222. Cruising Boat Electrical System Design, Part 2—Thinking About Systems
  223. A Conversation With Ocean Signal About AIS Crew Overboard Beacons
  224. Cruising Boat Electrical System Design, Part 1—Loads and Conservation
  225. Alternatives to Chainplates For Drogue Attachment…Or Not
  226. Stuff We Gotta Do—The Anchor Roller Version
  227. Ocean Passaging—Turning Back Is Hard To Do
  228. Anchor Chain Catenary, When it Matters and When it Doesn’t
  229. Which Old Salts Should We Listen To? 10 Ways To Decide—Part 2
  230. Colin on Anchoring
  231. Which Old Salts Should We Listen To? 10 Ways To Decide—Part 1
  232. Storm Survival FAQ
  233. Possible Auto-Activation Failure of The MOB1 AIS Crew Overboard Beacon
  234. AIS Crew Overboard Beacons—Setting Up The Boat Alarms Right
  235. Just Get a Series Drogue Designed By Don Jordan…Dammit!
  236. Amidships “Preventers”—A Bad Idea That Can Kill
  237. Rogue Waves Are Not Bad Luck
  238. 5 Ways We Are Updating Our Thinking On Fire Fighting
  239. Battery Monitors, Part 3—Calibration and Use
  240. Battery Monitors, Part 2—Recommended Unit
  241. Battery Monitors, Part 1—Which Type Is Right For You?
  242. Battle Testing a Jordan-Designed Series Drogue—Round 2
  243. 12 Great Rigging Hacks
  244. 10 Things That Are Common On Offshore Cruising Boats…But Shouldn’t Be
  245. Rig Tuning, Part 5—Sailing Tune
  246. Battery Bank Size and Generator Run Time, A Case Study
  247. Rig Tuning, Part 4—Mast Blocking, Stay Tension, and Spreaders
  248. Rig Tuning, Part 3—6 Steps to a Great Tune
  249. Rig Tuning, Part 2—Understanding Rake and Bend
  250. Rig Tuning, Part 1—Preparation
  251. Battery Options, Part 2—Lead Acid
  252. Battery Options, Part 1—Lithium
  253. Two Dangerous Rigging Mistakes
  254. Boréal Yachts—Looking To The Future
  255. Boréal Yachts—Eight Years On
  256. 8 Things I Learned From a Lazy Man’s Galley Makeover
  257. Time to Stop Using And Selling Tethers with Gibb-style Hooks
  258. Crew Overboard Recovery—Our Replacement For Quick Stop
  259. Crew Overboard Recovery, Is The Quick Stop Bogus?
  260. Which Lifejacket Auto-Inflator Should We Select?
  261. Should We Wear Lifejackets or Harnesses, Both, Neither?
  262. Apps to Manage Boat Maintenance and Cruises
  263. Managing Boatyard Costs—Part 2
  264. Managing Boatyard Costs—Part 1
  265. Smartphone (CrewWatcher) or AIS-Based Crew Overboard Beacons?
  266. Severe Weather Probability Forecast Product
  267. Coming Alongside (Docking)—Backing In, Part 2
  268. Coming Alongside (Docking)—Backing In, Part 1
  269. Surviving The Boatyard—Part 2
  270. Surviving The Boatyard—Part 1
  271. Running Rigging Recommendations—Part 2
  272. Weather Routing In Action
  273. Running Rigging Recommendations—Part 1
  274. 29 Aluminum Boat Care Tips—Part 3
  275. Automated Weather Routing—Part 1, The Tools
  276. 29 Aluminum Boat Care Tips—Part 2
  277. Q&A, Coming Alongside (Docking) With Twin Rudders
  278. 29 Aluminum Boat Care Tips—Part 1
  279. Seven Skills We DON’T Need to Go Cruising
  280. The Golden Globe Race—The Boats and the Refits
  281. We Love The Way Our Anchor Drags 
  282. Iridium GO! and UUPlus, Real World Use Review
  283. Watt & Sea Hydro Generator Review
  284. Can We Really Be Seen By Ships at Night?
  285. Crew Overboard Prevention—Use of Climbing Harnesses
  286. Coming Alongside (Docking)—Taming the Wind
  287. Crew Overboard Prevention—TeamO Backtow Lifejacket/Harness
  288. Coming Alongside (Docking)—The Final Approach
  289. Coming Alongside (Docking)—Manoeuvring in Close Quarters
  290. Battle Testing a Jordan-Designed Series Drogue—Round 1
  291. Get-Home Backup For Offshore Motorboats—Part 3, The Winner
  292. Get-Home Backup For Offshore Motorboats—Part 2, The Options
  293. Get-Home Backup for Offshore Motorboats—Part 1, Is It Even a Thing?
  294. Boat Heating—Part II
  295. Determining When Heaving-To Is Dangerous
  296. 10 Ways to Make Your Boat Easier to Bring Alongside a Dock
  297. Boat Heating—Part I
  298. Rigging The Spring That Makes Docking Easy, Or an Alternative
  299. Coming Alongside (Docking) in 4 Easy Steps
  300. Transitioning From Heaved-to To a Series Drogue
  301. Series Drogue Durability Problems
  302. The Right Tethers To Keep Us Aboard—Part 2, Construction and Hardware
  303. The Right Tethers To Keep Us Aboard—Part 1, A Mix
  304. 8 Radar Use Tips
  305. Three Tips to Make Your Cruising Boat Fault Tolerant
  306. 11 Tips for Safe Navigation With Phones and Tablets
  307. Navigation in Fog, Part 3—Underway
  308. Navigation in Fog, Part 2—Preparation
  309. Navigating in Fog, Part 1, The Tools
  310. The Artnautica LRC 58 Adventure Edition Offshore Motorboat
  311. Thinking About Better Offshore Motorboats
  312. Jacklines: Materials, Fabrication and Installation
  313. The Unknown Unknowns
  314. An Efficient Foredeck Centreline Jackline
  315. An Easy Way to Avoid Engine Failures
  316. Designing For Dux Rope Rigging—A Paradigm Shift—Part 2
  317. Dynice Dux, Part 1: Practical Low-Stretch Rope Rigging For Offshore Sailboats
  318. What Marine Engine Duty Ratings Mean To You
  319. A Sailor’s Cockpit Enclosure—Part 2
  320. A Sailor’s Cockpit Enclosure—Part 1
  321. Keeping Things Tasty—Tips For Food Storage (With No Refrigeration) & Meal Preparation
  322. Keeping Things Tasty—A 36,000-Mile Lesson In Provisioning
  323. The Perfect Anchor Roller
  324. The Three Keys To Cruising Happiness
  325. What Really Matters—The Big Five, Revisited
  326. Q&A—Are Battery Desulphators a Good Idea?
  327. Q&A, What’s the Maximum Sailboat Size For a Couple?
  328. Hoisting the Mainsail Made Easy—Simplicity in Action
  329. Ten Tips To Fix Weather Helm
  330. How Batteries Charge (Multiple Charging Sources Too)
  331. Maiden Voyage of The Boreal 55—What Worked and What Didn’t
  332. One Simple Law That Makes Electrical Systems Easy to Understand
  333. Things I’ve Learned From Three Refits That Will Help You
  334. Giving a Tough Old Ocean Greyhound a New Purpose
  335. Refitting a Wauquiez Hood 38
  336. A Trans-Atlantic Boat For Less Than US$100,000
  337. How To Select The Best Power and Propeller Settings For Your Engine
  338. How To Stop Killing Your Engine With Kindness
  339. Controllable Pitch Propellers (CPPs)
  340. The Ultimate Guide to Using Iridium Handsets and GO!
  341. Going Cruising—Being Realistic About You, 4 Tips
  342. Iridium GO! Review—6 Myths Busted and a Purchase Recommendation
  343. 4 Great Tips From a Professional Meteorologist
  344. Mooring Your Dinghy While Ashore, Made Easy
  345. “Eala Bhan” Sails Home, Part III
  346. Keeping Safe From Chart Inaccuracies
  347. “Eala Bhan” Sails Home, Part II
  348. Five Tips For Choosing Weather Information to Believe…And Pay For
  349. “Eala Bhan” Sails Home—The Maiden Voyage of The Boréal 55
  350. Marine Electronics Recommendations—Communications
  351. Marine Electronics System Recommendations
  352. Two Tips to Make Your First Ocean Passage as Skipper Safe and Fun
  353. Better Jackline Systems
  354. Flawed Jackline Systems, Part 2
  355. Flawed Jackline Systems, Part 1
  356. Anchor Tests—The Good, The Bad, and The Downright Silly
  357. Cutter Rig—Optimizing and/or Converting
  358. Cutter Rig—Should You Buy or Convert?
  359. 12 Reasons The Cutter Is A Great Offshore Voyaging Rig
  360. Propeller Efficiency
  361. Six Reasons To Leave The Cockpit Often
  362. Ten Ways to Make Propane Safer
  363. Boat Maintenance—Don’t Go Broke Saving Money
  364. Boréal 47—An Owner’s Experience
  365. Third Anchors, Storm Anchors and Spare Anchors
  366. Understanding An Engine Fuel Map
  367. Better Powertrains For Auxiliary Sailboats and Motorboats
  368. Downwind Sailing—Poling Out The Jib
  369. Downwind Sailing, Tips and Tricks
  370. Kedge (Secondary Anchor)—Recommended Type and Size
  371. Boat Maintenance—What’s Your Screwup Tolerance?
  372. Tools and Techniques For Managing Dissimilar Metals on Cruising Boats
  373. The Crazy Fools…Who Don’t Drown
  374. Introduction
  375. The Only Five Knots You Need to Know
  376. Attainably Adventurous Children
  377. Marine Electronics Recommendations—Radar
  378. Yawing at The Anchor, an Alternative Cure
  379. Spare Parts—Which To Buy and How To Keep Track Of Them
  380. Reefing From The Cockpit 2.0—Thinking Things Through
  381. Thoughts on Spinlock Lifejacket “Failure” and Crotch Straps in General
  382. The Secret Life Of Your GPS
  383. Getting Your Mojo Back
  384. A Real Sailor’s Motorboat Launched
  385. The Two Biggest Lies Yacht Brokers Tell
  386. Q&A: Safety of Large Pilothouse Windows
  387. Download Your Gift eBook
  388. Rustler Yachts: Maybe There’s Hope Yet?
  389. The Loss of “Team Vestas Wind”
  390. 9 Tips To Make Unstepping a Sailboat Mast Easier
  391. Reefs: How Many and How Deep
  392. Your Mainsail Is Your Friend
  393. 6 Tips To Stop Marine Electronics From Ruining Your Cruise
  394. Perfect or Good Enough?
  395. Staying Attached To The Boat
  396. Install A Wash-down Pump—And Save Money!
  397. Motorboating and Sailing Compared—Part 2
  398. Motorboating and Sailing Compared—Part 1
  399. Crash Pump
  400. The Right Way to Buy a Boat…And The Wrong Way
  401. Estimating The Cost of Maintaining a Cruising Boat
  402. You Need More Than Money
  403. The World’s Best Bilge Pump Switch
  404. Loss of Yacht “Tao”
  405. Do You Need A Generator?
  406. Real Numbers For Electric And Diesel-Electric Drives
  407. Five Ways That Bad Boats Happen
  408. Backup Systems
  409. Do You Still Need Paper Charts?
  410. Rigging a Proper Preventer—Part 2
  411. Rigging a Proper Preventer, Part 1
  412. Protecting Against Lightning Strikes
  413. John & Phyllis’ 36 Immutable Rules of Seamanship
  414. Lithium Ion Batteries Explained
  415. Two Yacht Losses, Many Lessons Learned
  416. 20 Tips To Get Anchored and Stay Anchored
  417. 10 Tips To Install An Alternator
  418. 10 Tips to Help You Get Out There Cruising
  419. Artnautica 58—Design Analysis
  420. Design Parameters For an Ideal Sailor’s Motorboat
  421. Selecting a Chain Grade
  422. Mainsail Handling Made Easy with Lazyjacks
  423. Do We Need Watertight Bulkheads?
  424. Impact Resistance—Two Collision Scenarios
  425. Impact Resistance—How Hull Materials Respond to Impacts
  426. The Real Reason to Use a Harness and Tether
  427. A Sailor’s Motorboat
  428. Characteristics of Boat Building Materials
  429. Summary And Conclusions For Heavy Weather Book
  430. Companionway Integrity In A Storm
  431. Real Life Storm Survival Story
  432. Storm Survival Secret Weapon: Your Engine
  433. Surviving A Lee Shore
  434. Series Drogues: Learning From Tony Gooch
  435. Jordan Series Drogue Retrieval—An Alternative From Hal Roth
  436. Jordan Series Drogue Attachments And Launch System
  437. Jordan Series Drogue Retrieval System
  438. When Heaving-To Is Dangerous
  439. Heaving-To
  440. Goals For A Heavy Weather System
  441. Introduction—We Need A System
  442. 8 Tips For a Great Cruising Boat Interior Arrangement
  443. Cycle Loading—8 Tips for Boat and Gear Purchases
  444. Electric or Diesel-Electric Drives for Voyaging Boats
  445. Two Anchors Done Right
  446. Cyclical Loading: Why Offshore Sailing Is So Hard On A Boat
  447. Harnesses and Lifejackets and How to Use Them
  448. Keeping The Water Flowing
  449. The Risks of Falling Overboard at Sea
  450. We Should Focus On Staying Aboard, Not Recovery
  451. Is It a Need or a Want?
  452. One Anchor or Two?
  453. Hydro Power
  454. Solar Power
  455. Wind Generators
  456. Renewable Power
  457. A Dangerous Myth about Reefing
  458. Choosing a Spot
  459. Laziness Never Goes Unpunished
  460. Pitfalls to Avoid When Buying a New Voyaging Boat
  461. The Case For Roller-Furling Headsails
  462. Are Refits Worth It?
  463. The Case For Hank On Headsails
  464. Thinking About a Steel Boat?
  465. A Reluctant Voyager?
  466. Tips For Receiving Weather Forecasts
  467. New Engine, The Proof is in The Voyage
  468. Tips For Receiving GRIBs
  469. Choosing an Anchorage
  470. Tips For Receiving Weather Fax
  471. It’s A Forecast, Not A Prophecy
  472. The Importance Of The Big Picture
  473. A Windlass That Makes The Grade
  474. Things to Know About Anchor Chain
  475. Serve Your Apprenticeship
  476. Priorities In Preparation
  477. Making Life Easier—Roller Reefing/Furling
  478. Clear The Decks For Action
  479. Making Life Easier—Storm Jib
  480. How To Use An Anchor Trip Line
  481. The Beauty Of Simplicity
  482. Chart Plotters And Autopilots, Never The Twain Should Meet
  483. Light Weather Sails—Choosing What Is Right For You
  484. Perkins M92B, Initial Report Card
  485. Equalizing Batteries, The Reality
  486. Storm Preparation, All Chain On Deck
  487. Anchor Swivels, Just Say No
  488. Q&A: Hybrid Rope And Chain Anchor Rodes
  489. Smart Chargers Are Not That Smart
  490. How Lead Acid Batteries Get Wrecked and What To Do About It
  491. Engine Installation—The Devil Is In The Details
  492. Test Sail On A Boréal 44
  493. Rudder Options
  494. Boréal 44 Design
  495. A Boat Designed For The High Latitudes
  496. New Engine For “Morgan’s Cloud”—What We Chose
  497. Selection Criteria For The New Engine For “Morgan’s Cloud”
  498. Gennaker Furlers Come Of Age
  499. Three Navigation Mistakes That Can Wreck You
  500. Knowing Where It’s At
  501. Boréal Sailboats–An Introduction
  502. Of Cockpits, Wheelhouses And Engine Rooms
  503. Don’t Forget About The Sails
  504. Managing Ocean Currents
  505. Gale And Storm Preparation, At Anchor Or On A Mooring
  506. Swept-Back Spreaders—We Just Don’t Get It!
  507. Keeping The Boom Under Control—Boom Brakes
  508. Carbon Fiber Masts and Lightning: Myths, Assurances And Risks
  509. Carbon Fiber Mast, Costs and Benefits
  510. The Benefits Of Carbon Fibre Masts
  511. Q&A: Staysail Stay: Roller Furling And Fixed Vs Hanks And Removable
  512. Anchor Rode Questions and Answers
  513. There’s No Excuse For Pounding
  514. A Motorsailer For Offshore Voyaging?
  515. At What Age should You Stop Sailing And Buy a Motorboat?
  516. It’s Often Better to Anchor Than Pick Up a Mooring
  517. Reefing Questions and Answers
  518. A Prairie Woman Goes To Sea
  519. Taming The Wimp Within