The Secret Life Of Your GPS


Raise your hand if you don't rely on GPS. Any takers? No?

Now raise your hand if you understand what your GPS is doing when it concludes "You are HERE". I don't see many hands this time, either.

We have reached an interesting situation, where many (if not most) sailors entrust the safe navigation of their ship to a little black box whose operating principle is known only by a rare few.

You don't need to understand how GPS works in order to use it. Nevertheless, it is undeniably interesting—and a bit humbling—to delve into the inner workings of our favourite navigation tool.

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Matt, Engineering Correspondent, is a Professional Engineer and true renaissance man, with a wide range of expertise including photography and all things boat design. He has a unique ability to make complex subjects easy to understand and he keeps an eye on the rest of us to make sure that we don’t make any technical mistakes. Working as M. B. Marsh Marine Design, Matt designs innovative powerboats of all shapes and sizes.

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