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A New Best Windows Computer For Navigation

Eighteen months ago we published my recommendation for the best computer to run Windows-based navigation software.

And now I have a new recommendation :

The new Mac mini running Windows under Boot Camp.


  • Tons of power
  • Super small size
  • HDMI port for the monitor
  • 2 USB-3 ports
  • 3 USB-C ports (we can always use one or more USB 2/3 hub(s) if we want to connect everything on the boat to it…including the coffee pot)
  • Super low power drain (I have not actually verified this, but Apple does this better than anyone—our Macbook Pros and Air are amazing in this regard)

So why didn’t I recommend the Mac mini last time around? Simple, at that time it still came with a mechanical disk drive, and I just don’t think that’s a good idea on a boat. But now all the new minis use solid state storage, so all good.

And how much does it cost? US $800.

Yeah, I know, we can buy cheaper computers, but not, at least as far as I know, with Apple build quality. And do you really want to use the cheapest, junkiest, no name computer for something as important as navigation?

Pair a mini up with one of these Argonaut waterproof daylight readable screens installed on deck and we have a powerful navigation system for US$2300. Certainly not chump change, but way less than a good large-screen plotter, and way more flexible.

And for those who want to use a laptop at the chart table and to drive a waterproof screen on deck, as we do, the new Macbook Air—my original recommendation—looks pretty sweet, too.

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Coming Next

Of course this short piece brings up the eternal question, which is best for electronic navigation: plotter or computer? And that’s the subject of my next article on the subject.


Yeah, I know, those of you who did not read the original article (and probably some of you who did) are now convinced that I have been hitting the hooch a little too hard.

But, seriously, before you completely discount the idea that Apple makes the best Windows computers, at least for navigation, have a read of my reasoning and have a scan of the comments, too, so we don’t re-cover a bunch of old ground.

Also, please don’t front run the the next article.

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