Refits—The Radical Option

If you own and sail boats offshore for long enough, the likelihood is that sooner or later you will be faced with a difficult repair or refit decision. John explores a solution that all others being considered should always be measured against.

Which of the three common cruising rigs is best? Like so many things around voyaging, all three have advantages and drawbacks. John takes a deep dive that will help you pick the one that’s right for your needs and then shares his two favourites, one for offshore and one for inshore.

Back in February we rolled out (and I wrote about) the first phase of our 2020 improvements to this site, which focused on simplification, improved readability on phones, and speed. That  was all good, but it quickly became apparent that the next thing needed was a damned good housecleaning and re-categorization of our content. Here’s what we did.

Because we know that Attainable Adventure Cruising readers are way too smart to be so wowed by a slick interior that they forget the important stuff, John starts our review with a deep dive into the hull form of the Outbound 46. This chapter will also be useful in your search, no matter what offshore sailboat you end up with.

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