There have been a couple of well-publicized cases of series drogues, based on Don Jordan's research and design, deteriorating after as little as ten hours' use in strong gale conditions. John investigates and shares what he intends to do to upgrade his drogue.

Iridium Update

John takes a look at the latest news on Iridium satellite phones and GO!, some real world reports from users, and finishes with some solid purchase and usage recommendations.

Let's face it, cruising boats are horribly unreliable, and gear failures are the most common cruise-ruiner. But we can reduce the problems a lot by thinking about fault tolerance. Here are three real world examples you can use right now to make your boat better.

Seasickness Revisited

It's been a while since we looked at the ultimate cruise spoiler, seasickness. Here are a couple of new-to-us remedies and an appeal for more. Complimentary Post

John is back on one of his favourite hobby horses: tips for buying the right marine electronics for going offshore...rather than the right marine electronics to enrich the companies that make this stuff. And he wants your help on this in the comments. Complimentary Post

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