There is a massive denial of service hacker attack going on today that's taken down some of the largest sites on the internet including PayPal, the company that processes our membership transactions. So if you tried to join today or change some part of your member account with us, you probably got some frustrating weird stuff [...]

Just three years ago I thought I really understood Person Overboard (POB) Prevention. And then I found out how many of my cherished ideas about what would keep me and my crew safe were just plain wrong. Here are 20 things I have since learned that could save your life. Complimentary Post

In the last chapter, I specified the perfect offshore voyaging boat anchor roller and how existing rollers can be improved. But what happens if we need to scrap the piece of junk the builder saddled us with and start over?

Also, are there any benefits to having two rollers? And, if so, how should they be designed to work well together?

The claims made for battery pulse desulphators seem to make them ideal for voyaging boats. A cheap, easy to install gadget that will dramatically extend your expensive batteries' lives. What's not to like? But do they really work? John takes a look.

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