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    • More on privacy.

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We are here for you and we will get to the bottom of it, just drop us a line:

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Why we can’t change financial stuff for you.

Updating credit cards and managing memberships, particularly recurring ones, can be a pain in the…neck.

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But we always say no. And that sounds like we are being lazy or unhelpful.

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Here’s why.

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(Stripe is the company that major companies like Google, Shopify, and others use for their credit card processing and subscriptions.)

Although it looked like you were on our site, you were actually entering your information into PayPal or Stripe’s secure servers—look closely at the screens and you can see that.

So here are the things we can’t do:

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  • Walk on water.

And that’s a good thing…except maybe for the last one. Why? 

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Do you want that? No, us neither!

What we can do is help with this page and personalized direct support while you are doing any of those things.

But please don’t get mad when we say no. We are, like your Mom used to say (so annoyingly), saying that for your own good.


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Online Book FAQ
Why Online Books?
  1. One of the most wonderful things about offshore sailing is that we never know it all. In fact, the more we learn and the more years we spend voyaging, the more we realize that we have more to learn. With Online Books we can, and do, revise and improve constantly.
  2. Our Online Books are interactive so when you, the reader, have a question or a suggestion for a better way to do things, you can contribute that as a comment.
    • Online Books are not just our wisdom but also include that of hundreds of others:
Why Not eBooks?

Sometimes people ask us why we opted to write Online Books rather than downloadable eBooks in PDF or ePub (Kindle and iThings) format. Here’s the answer:

It’s a Moving Target

One of the most wonderful things about offshore sailing is that we never know it all. In fact, the more we learn and the more years we spend voyaging, the more we realize that we have more to learn.

And that’s way cool, but it’s not great for an eBook. Not only would we almost certainly disagree with some of our own eBooks within a few months of publishing them, we wouldn’t even finish them, because we would keep revising things we wrote the year before—there would be just no end to it!

With our Online Books, we can, and do, revise and improve in real time.

eBooks Are Static

eBooks are static. If you read an eBook and don’t get the information you are looking for, you can’t easily ask us a question.

Worse still, if you are reading an eBook and realize you have come up with a better way, or maybe just a tweak to what we are suggesting, there is no way for you to contribute that so that other readers can benefit, unlike with our Online Books where you can leave a comment. 

And since many of our best ideas come from those of you who comment, we don’t want to take the retrograde step of writing in a vacuum, as we would have to do with an eBook.

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