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AAC, like most every WordPress-based web site, lists articles under Topics (or Chapters under Books) with title, image, author, number of comments, date and descriptive excerpt.

And that’s great if you are exploring an Online Book to decide which chapters you want to read.

But if you just want to get a sense for what’s covered in that Book (or under a Topic), or want to zero in on a single Chapter (or Article) you know is there, that’s way too much information.

So I, like many of you, I suspect, got into the habit of opening a chapter, or article, and then scrolling down to the bottom to use the TOC. Not elegant.

So what to do? Cut the length of the Chapter or Article entry? Not good for new, or prospective members who want to see what’s available—classic site-design problem.

But not any more.

You can now click on the TOC at the top of every Online Book or Topic listing and get a summary TOC just like the one at the end of Chapters and Articles.

The best of both worlds.

And the super-cool thing is that because of all the effort we put into converting to Full Site Editing (the future of WordPress) last winter, it took me less than two hours to make the change.

Let us know how you like the new TOC in a comment.

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John Cobb

Discovered this just the other day. Outstanding.

George O'Farrell

Very handy.