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  1.  Non members can check out our books by clicking on a title and reading the introduction and table of contents.

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  2. Browse the books in the sidebar (scroll way down on phones and tablets).
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  4. Enjoy.


The Online Books are divided into chapters:

  • Get to the bottom of a chapter—“flip the page” by clicking on a link to the next chapter.
  • Get confused about where you are in the Online Book—click on the Table of Contents in the sidebar. (Appears only when a chapter is open).
  • Finish a book, select another from the library in the sidebar.

You will find it easier to find your way around our Online Books than paper or eBooks.

Continuous Update and Improvement

One of the most wonderful things about offshore sailing is that we never know it all. In fact, the more we learn and the more years we spend voyaging, the more we realize that we have more to learn. With Online Books, we can, and do, revise and improve constantly.

The date of the last update is shown in the byline area of every chapter.

And I do mean constantly—barely a day goes by that we don’t change or improve a chapter based on new wisdom. 


Our Online Books are interactive so when you, the reader, have a question or a suggestion for a better way to do things, you can contribute that as a comment.

So our Online Books are not just our wisdom but also include that of hundreds of others:

  • experienced voyagers,
  • boatbuilders,
  • and engineers;

far more wisdom than any one person could accumulate in a lifetime.

The Best of Both Worlds

But what if you don’t have internet? Well, these days most of us have access to internet most of the time, even when out voyaging, and particularly when we would actually want to be reading our books.

Having said that, we have a way for you to download the Online Books for offline reading right here.

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