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Continuous Update and Improvement

One of the most wonderful things about offshore sailing is that we never know it all. In fact, the more we learn and the more years we spend voyaging, the more we realize that we have more to learn. With Online Books, we can, and do, revise and improve constantly.

The date of the last update is shown in the byline area of every chapter.

And I do mean constantly—barely a day goes by that we don’t change or improve a chapter based on new wisdom. 


Our Online Books are interactive so when you, the reader, have a question or a suggestion for a better way to do things, you can contribute that as a comment.

So our Online Books are not just our wisdom but also include that of hundreds of others:

  • experienced voyagers,
  • boatbuilders,
  • and engineers;

far more wisdom than any one person could accumulate in a lifetime.

Alternative Energy For Voyaging


Solar, wind and hydro generation, it’s all here—real practical advice from an experienced voyager who has walked the walk, not just talked the talk.

Anchoring Made Easy—Gear


Information you need to put together a bullet-poof anchoring system—solid gear recommendations that have been tested in the real world.

Anchoring Made Easy—Technique


There are few activities in the voyaging life that cause more anxiety and stress than anchoring, so here are the techniques you need to get anchored and stay anchored every time.

Better Offshore Motorboats


Most sailors have thought about transitioning to a power boat, even if only as a way to stay on the water as we age. Here are the issues and options for a sailor’s power boat.

Boat Design & Selection—Ovni 435


A sailor with decades of experience as a research boat skipper in demanding conditions builds his dream voyaging boat—we can all learn a lot.

Coming Alongside (Docking) Made Easy


Online Book on docking (coming alongside) that will truly take the drama out of this every day activity for cruisers both power and sail.

Cruising Boat Electrical Systems


Here’s how to get the very best from a cruising boat electrical system—real information that works based on 25 years of live-aboard experience.

Cruising Notes—Canada's East Coast


There are literally thousands of snug harbours on the east coast of Canada—these cruising notes, collected over twenty-five years sailing this coast, will make planning your voyage easier.

Dealing With Seasickness


Seasickness is the great spoiler of offshore voyaging—tips and wisdom for fighting off the dreaded mal-de-mer and what to do once it strikes.

Engines For Cruising Boats


An analysis of what makes an ideal cruising boat engine, together with a step-by-step account of a highly successful repower.

Getting Along With Your Crew


If you can’t get along with your crew, your cruise will not be a success. Chock full of practical tips on crew management.

Getting Out There Cruising


John, Phyllis, Christopher and Colin write about what you need to do to get out cruising and have fun when you do.

Heavy Weather Tactics


The options for storm survival from heaving-to to drogue deployment with a step-by-step guide to putting together an easy to deploy and retrieve system.

How To Buy a Cruising Boat


The critical issues that you need to understand before you buy a cruising boat. Time-tested tips to help you determine what really matters.

Lessons from Losses at Sea


A look at the loss of several yachts and what we can learn from each—reading this book could save your boat…and maybe your life.

Living The Dream


Do you dream of sailing in turquoise waters? Join “Pélerin” on a voyage in the Caribbean. Colin weaves a travel tale like only he can.

Maintaining a Cruising Boat


Often what will really govern how much fun and how safe your cruise will be is how good you are at maintaining your boat.

Navigation and Marine Electronics


The fruits of a combined century of navigation, much of it before electronic gadgets, and then we relate that experience to modern electronic navigation.

Offshore Sailboat Design


Knowing the difference between a boat that will work inshore and one that can go to sea could save you from making a terrible and expensive boat-buying mistake.

Person Overboard Prevention & Recovery


If you fall overboard from a short-handed boat, you are probably not going to be rescued. Tips and procedures that will help keep you and your loved ones on the boat.

And now, notwithstanding the above, includes chapters on recovery.

Sail Handling and Rigging Made Easy


Setting, reefing and striking sails and doing it in challenging conditions—tips, techniques, gear, sail selection and rigging.



We all aspire to be competent mariners. This book will point you in the right direction.

Transatlantic On "Pèlerin"


A different and much more interesting transatlantic than the classic milk run, with valuable voyage planning and execution information.

Voyaging Boats from Boréal


In the market for a boat to take you to out-of-the-way places in safety? Even if you don’t buy a Boréal, you will learn a huge amount about what makes a good expedition boat.

Watertight Integrity


There is nothing more important to an offshore boat than keeping the water out. Here are real practical tips.

Weather Reception and Analysis


Step-by-step methods to receive weather information while offshore and in remote places.

Z-Adventure 40


A voyaging sailboat that would be ready to take you around the world in safety and comfort for US$200,000.