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In the last chapter, I specified the perfect offshore voyaging boat anchor roller and how existing rollers can be improved. But what happens if we need to scrap the piece of junk the builder saddled us with and start over?

Also, are there any benefits to having two rollers? And, if so, how should they be designed to work well together?

1- Using the assumetrical as we search for the stronger trade winds (3)

Family happiness and crew morale are vital for a successful voyage. During the last three years, while living aboard and sailing 36,000 miles on "Sila", a Boréal 47, Molly Barnes and her family have come up with "The Three Keys To Cruising Happiness". Complimentary Post

The author steering. "Line squall coming, send the kid out there."

Jack, 12 years old, shares ten tips for kids and parents to help make life on a boat easier and filled with great experiences. This is stuff he learned over three years while living aboard and sailing 36,000 miles with his family on "Sila", a Boréal 47, including an expedition to South Georgia. Complimentary Post


If you want to watch John have a complete melt down, just mention 5200 bedding compound...but stand well back, it ain't pretty. Not just a rant, John suggests better alternatives. Complimentary Post

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