For cold weather sailing we figure we have foul weather gear, the clothes to go under it, as well as boots and hats, pretty much sorted out, but gloves have remained a challenge...until now.

Tobago Cays

Though a lot of the offshore cruising life, and therefore a big portion of our writing on this site, is about the technicalities of maintaining and operating a boat, let's not ever forget the payoff: the opportunity to visit new, exciting places, under our own steam (or sail).

Three new destination Online Books coming over the next few weeks. All will include free introductory chapters for non-members.


Over the next week or two Phyllis and I will be porting (fancy computer-speak for "moving") AAC to a new site design. In theory you should not notice anything strange with the site while we do this...in practice, who the hell knows what might happen. So, don't worry if things get a little weird for a few days—when [...]

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