Members' Online Book: Weather Reception and Analysis, Chapter 21 of 21

Weather Routing In Action

Andy shares how he used his understanding of the weather and strategic route planning, together with high-tech tools, during his recent Atlantic crossing, to make a faster and better passage than just sticking with the normal route would have.

Members' Online Book: Sail Handling Made Easy, Chapter 30 of 30

Running Rigging Recommendations—Part 1

We offshore sailors are presented with a bewildering array of options when buying rope for running rigging. John demystifies the process and makes detailed recommendations, including brand names, based on decades of experience, together with recommendations from one of the best riggers in the business.

Meeting up with Steve and Linda Dashew is always both fun and fascinating, with a lot to learn about offshore voyaging in boats of any size, even though their designs are way beyond the reach of most of us. John shares two of those lessons.

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