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Be aware that a photograph or written work is automatically copyrighted the day it’s written or taken regardless of the presence of a notice and that the penalties for infringement are potentially huge.

We protect our rights and copyrights aggressively, including legal action against those who infringe and reporting them to Google who will remove the offending site from their index, thereby effectively putting them out of business.

Fair Use

Notwithstanding the above, it is perfectly acceptable (in fact we encourage it) for you to use quotes of a reasonable length from our content, as long as you include an attribution with a link to the original article on this website. (We would view “reasonable length” as being up to 10% of a given article, but no more.)

There is no fair use for photographs and all that appear on this site are copyrighted, even if they are not so marked.

Republication (Syndication)

Republication is not good SEO (search engine optimization) practice and will result in your site being labelled as a “scraper” by Google, which will negatively affect your page rankings.

We do not licence our content for republication.

Editorial Policy

We could write piles of blather about editorial policy. But let’s just keep it simple:

We will always tell you if we have received any benefit from the manufacturer of any product we write about, such as, but not limited to:

  • free equipment,
  • a reduced price,
  • advertising revenue,
  • or associate revenue,

and we will continue to call ’em as we see ’em, without fear or favour.

As the publishers and editors of AAC, we (John and Phyllis) will not in any way try to influence our writers, or edit their articles, to comply with our own opinions. 

Having said that, we will always feel free to disagree with the opinions of our writers, just as they should feel free to disagree with ours.

Well, that was easy.

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