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Site Improvements—Login

It used to be that:

  • if you were an active member,
  • but your login had expired,
  • and you visited a paywalled Article or Tip,
  • you then had to login,
  • but you were returned to your Account page and then had to find your way back to the Article.

Super irritating!

To fix this I have added a login form that appears on the Article, so you can log in without leaving, and as soon as you do the whole Article appears.

Much better!

If you notice any other irritations like this, please leave a comment below. I’m knocking them down one by one.

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Yigit Karis

Hello John, this is not an irritation but a suggestion. Is it possible to see all the comments of a member? Since we can subscribe to the comments of someone may be it would nice to see his/her previous comments as well?