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Dark Mode at AAC

Member Charlie R suggested in a comment to a Tip about the new AAC site design I’m working on that it incorporate dark mode.

Initially I was skeptical because there is no consensus among web site experts that dark modes do anything useful, and I have always believed, as many web designers do, that the most readable colour scheme is good old black type on white background.

But then I read further and there are benefits to dark mode.

But, then again, none of those benefits are compelling enough to make that the default for the new design, particularly since many people hate dark modes.

What to do? Not a problem:

If you like dark mode, simply install the Night Eye extension in your browser and switch it on and off at will. I have tried it in both Safari and Chrome and it works great on AAC in either.

Yes, I could add the code to AAC to switch back and forth, but that would slow the site down. Not much it’s true, but adding code to a web site is a bit like adding weight in the ends of a boat: a bit does not hurt but a little bit here and a little bit there sure adds up.

But Night Eye only adds code at the local browser level, which is intrinsically faster, since only those who want it install it.

You can even try Night Eye for two months for free and after that it’s reasonably priced at $US9 / year.

Thanks to Charlie for the idea. Also see my answer to Charlie for more of my ideas on how we can get other functionality he suggests with no added code.

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