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Q&A: Custom Log Book

Question: I read your article, “Knowing Where You Are“, in January’s Cruising World magazine and was wondering if I could see a copy of your custom log book page.

Answer: Note that the blank column can be used for whatever you wish; we usually use it for recording water temperature, both when crossing the Gulf Stream and when in icy waters to monitor for the presence of pack ice.

Down-loadable PDF

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Chuck B

Hi John, happy new year! 🙂 Found this via your new “Navigation” book, thank you for sharing.

Would you mind elaborating on how you use the various columns in your log? Some of them are not clear to me, for example:

– What do you put in the “Log” column?

– What do you put in the “Distance” column? Is it distance covered since last log entry? Is “Water” value obtained by time elapsed * estimated average speed (via knotmeter)? Is “Ground” distance over ground? Are you using GPS for this, or computing via the delta latitude & longitude since last log entry, even in the case of an estimated fix (dead reckoning)?

– What is the “Bar” column, atmospheric pressure?

Thank you, I love to learn how other folks do things and get ideas.