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Three Navigation Mistakes That Can Wreck You

Although we are not Luddites bemoaning the take over of electronics and warning of the dire consequence of over reliance on them, we are aware of several dangers in their exclusive use: electronic logging, datum errors, and waypoint entry error.

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Roger Harris

The August 2015 issue of Yachting Monthly (pages 14-20) has a good article by Tom Cunliffe, “How to Use Vector Charts Safely”. Worth reading!

Neil McCubbin

The desirability of split-screen viewing depends partly on the size and quality of the monitor. We bought a top-line 22″ diagonalPC display when launching in 2004. It is rather outdated today, but is still larger than most yacht MFDs
We will probably replace with similar size better quality monitor soon.
We use split screen a lot. Agree wholeheartedly that weak targets show better on a plain black background (with a few speckles, as discussed above, of course)