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Costal Passages, Part 4—Keep On Plugging

When last we left Colin and his crew at the end of Part 3, they had just crossed the Celtic Sea and finessed both the tide at Lands End and and their Landfall in Ireland—all good results based on the planning that Colin covered in Part 1 and Part 2. Now, in Part 4 they make some early starts and bring Scotland in sight.

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Dick Stevenson

Hi Colin,
Lovely article and an excellent example of the ingredients that a skipper needs keeping in mind to cook up a seemingly easy coastal passage.
My best, Dick

Wilson Fitt

Thanks, Colin, for this useful series of articles. They resonate strongly as we approach the end of a relatively challenging cruise from home waters on the south shore of Nova Scotia, around the tide swept corner into the Bay of Fundy, through the Reversing Falls into the placid Saint John River, back through the Falls, through the swirling Letite Passage to Passamaquoddy Bay and home again. The imperatives of timing and need for careful planning were very real. We had excellent guidance and advice to ease our way (not to mention the pleasure of John’s company for few days) but it is a bit of a relief to be back in waters where tides, one of the triad of navigation challenges, can be mostly ignored and we only need to worry about the other two, wind and weather.


Wes Ory

Thanks for your series Colin. As someone who is still learning about cruising this paints a great picture of future adventures.

Daniel McCarty

This series, at least Part 3 and 4, are reminding me of our passage from Campbeltown, Scotland to Waterford, Ireland. We left noonish from Campeltown and got to Copeland Island around 2100ish where we anchored for a rest. Got up at 0200ish and went south to Akrlow on a long 22ish hour passage. Really enjoying seeing how someone else traveled the same coast, and it brings back some great memories, though we had F7 winds along with short steep waves,by the time we got to Carnsore Point. The pots where a chore to avoid that is for sure.

Can’t wait for the next installment. Will they stop in Campbeltown for some good Scotch? 🙂