Adventure 40 Cockpit 2.0

This is the second article detailing the changes Maxime and Vincent have made to the Adventure 40 initial design based on input in and on the first reveal articles.

As in the last article, I will only be covering the changes made since we published:

So if you have not read those articles, or even if it’s been a while, please at least scan through them now.

By the way, some time next winter, I intend to consolidate the Version 1 and 2 reveal articles, but for the moment I think leaving both is best since it enables all of us to see how we got here.

Final Renderings

Before we get into the cockpit details, this article will be the first using the final renderings.

I’m super excited about this since the combination of a few changes, increasing the focal length to one that feels natural to the human eye/mind, and adding a cove stripe and waterline, have revealed the Adventure 40 as the good-looking boat she always was—she only looked dumpy because of the short focal length of the earlier renderings.

And, at least for me, the flat windows in the dodger and raised area of the cabintop look much better than the wrap-around first version, a double benefit since the original curved plastic windows would also have required a lot of difficult maintenance over time.

That said, please don’t over-fixate on the details of these renderings. For example, they show a four-blade fixed prop, not because that’s what the boat will come with—over my dead body—but because (I’m guessing) that was the pre-drawn symbol that came to hand at the design office.

These kinds of things will get specified in detail when the final engineering is done while working with the builder.

With all that out of the way, let’s dig into cockpit changes: