The Artnautica LRC 58 Adventure Edition Offshore Motorboat


In the last chapter, I wrote about my concept for a sailor's motorboat. However, I don't know about you, but I have had enough of vapour boats lately, so let's take another look at a breakthrough motorboat that really exists, with two on the water, and two in build, that ticks a lot of the sailor's motorboat boxes.

And even more important than that, this is a boat that has just crossed the Pacific from New Zealand to Panama, the up-hill way—pretty impressive.

That boat is the Artnautica LRC 58, that we first wrote about when the prototype was just a pile of aluminum back in 2013.

Making it Happen

By the way, one of the things I love about the whole Artnautica project is that Dennis, the designer, made the boat real by selling his house for funding, rolling up his sleeves, and building the first one about proving your point with a vengeance!

We Helped

And at least two of the four LRC 58s were ordered by owners who first heard about the concept here at Attainable Adventure Cruising. That, and our track record of inspiring several orders for Boréals, should give those of you interested in this concept some hope that it won't go the sad way of the Adventure 40. Or better still, that we will eventually be part of making the Adventure 40 real.

I digress...but then what's a little boasting between friends. Anyway, back to the Artnautica. Read on about our ideas for the Adventure Edition:

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