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Design Parameters For an Ideal Sailor’s Motorboat

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In the last chapter I wrote about a fundamental problem for an aging voyaging sailor looking to transition to a motorboat:

For many of us, the sailboats we already have are better offshore motorboats than anything readily available out there on either the used or new boat market: safer, more comfortable at sea, dramatically more fuel efficient, and in many cases faster.

What We Aging Sailors Need

What we aging sailors really need, or at least want, is a simple, high quality, live aboard, production motorboat that can cross oceans as well, or maybe even better, than our sailboat and that also is cheaper to own and easier to maintain.

The Need for Speed

But, at least for Phyllis and me, there are other vital criteria that would govern the decision to transition to a motorboat:

We want to go at least as fast as we do now and preferably even faster, and we want to do that without increasing our current fuel burn or environmental footprint on a per mile basis.

And it is this last criterion that gives us a problem.

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