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Battle Testing a Jordan-Designed Series Drogue—Round 1

In 2015 I bought a Jordan-type series drogue for Iron Bark, my 35-ft Wylo-class steel gaff cutter, designed by the inimitable Nick Skeates. She displaces 11 tonnes so the drogue is 97-metres long with 124 cones, as recommended. The drogue was supplied by OceanBrake.

The cones are made of a heavy cloth with a rubberised backing, seamed all round with heavy tapes well sewn on. The bridle and first section of the drogue are 18-mm double-braid nylon with a tail of 14-mm nylon double braid. The splices, seizings and attachments of the cones are all strong, neat and seamanlike.

I thought the whole thing to be exceptionally well made and fairly priced.

Since fitting the drogue I have sailed from Scotland to Newfoundland and Labrador, then south down the Atlantic and around the Cape of Good Hope to Australia, and on to New Zealand, with a diversion to Australia’s tropical north coast along the way. During that time I used the drogue on six occasions. Here is what I learned: