Series Drogues: Learning From Randall Reeves

As you pretty much all know by now, I believe that the series drogue designed by Don Jordon is by far the best storm survival and anti-capsize gear available.

My belief is based on the solid science done by Don Jordan in cooperation with the US Coast Guard, much of it based on earlier work by the Wolfson Unit of Southampton University.

But, just as importantly, we have verified that science, and learned more, from some of the best and most experienced offshore sailers of our time, including Tony Gooch, Trevor Robertson, and Susanne Huber-Curphey, all of them with multiple successful series drogue deployments during Southern Ocean circumnavigations.

A few weeks ago, I spent a morning continuing that process with Randall Reeves of Figure 8 Voyage fame. Here's what I learned:

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