Storm Tactics

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Jordan Series Drogue Durability Problems

There have been a couple of well-publicized cases of series drogues, based on Don Jordan's research and design, deteriorating after as little as ten hours' use in strong gale conditions. John investigates and shares what he intends to do to upgrade his drogue.

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Loss of Yacht “Tao”

Analysis of the abandonment of the French yacht "Tao". The disaster started with a capsize, as yacht losses so often do. And while researching the weather at the time, I discovered something interesting...

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Real Life Storm Survival Story

Theory is great to learn from but real world experience is always better. In this chapter I relate an email interview we conducted with a reader who survived a killer storm south of New Zealand using some of the techniques that I have discussed in this book. It's a long chapter, but read it carefully because doing so and acting on the information could save your life.

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Storm Survival Secret Weapon: Your Engine

One of our most useful tools in dealing with heavy weather at sea is our engine and in this chapter I relate how we used ours to good effect in a nasty lee shore situation. But the sad truth is that in many cases a yacht's engine is disabled by heavy weather making it useless at the very time that the crew need it most, so I go on to share some solid suggestions of things you can do to storm proof your engine.

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Surviving A Lee Shore

In the previous chapters we have talked about heaving-to and various drag devices, but none of that is going to help us if we are caught on a lee shore. In this chapter I write about when that exact scenario happened to me and what we have done to prepare ourselves and our boat should it ever happen to us again.

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Storm Tactics, Learning From The Best

Continuing on with the theme of learning from the best that we started in the last chapter, this chapter is about the many things we learned from Tony and Coryn Gooch about storm survival and drogue retrieval—they know what they are talking about after decades of voyaging in some of the toughest parts of the world's oceans and Tony's single handed non-stop circumnavigation.

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Large Sea Anchors, Not Recommended

For many years large sea anchors were thought by many, including us, to be the ultimate storm survival option. In this post we detail the disadvantages of large sea anchors that we believe substantially outweigh the advantages and why we got rid of ours.

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Survival Storms

In the last three chapters in this book I have been writing about the techniques that have worked well for us on Morgan’s Cloud in gales and strong gales at sea. Now I’m going to write about how to handle a storm of Force 10 or above that would threaten our very survival.