The Three Keys To Cruising Happiness

1- Using the assumetrical as we search for the stronger trade winds (3)

On board Sila, my family's Boréal 47, we have found that John and Phyllis's "Big Five" (Mast Up, Keel Down, Rudder Attached, Water Out, People On) have helped us to prioritize our time and resources, especially for risk management. They're easy to remember and help guide our big picture decision making.

But family happiness and crew morale are just as vital as risk management for a successful voyage and, during the last 36,000 miles and three years on board Sila, my family and I have come up with what we now refer to as "The Three Keys To Cruising Happiness": weather, communication, and food.

Molly and Christopher Barnes, and their two boys Porter and Jack, have just completed a 36,000-mile circumnavigation of South America in their Boréal 47, Sila, including cruising South Georgia—one of the toughest cruising grounds in the world. Molly is the co-founder of an academic and wilderness school, an ultra runner, and an expert on motivating young people to find their own inspiration in adventure.

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