New Site Design

We have just installed a new site design, the product of two years of thinking, investigating and building. John shares our goals for the new design and details of what has changed.

Companionway Washboard Hacks And Getting Out There

Most sailboats have companionway washboards sliding into channels. And while this is a good simple solution, a little work needs to be done to make them really safe. Here’s a simple hack that will take less than half an hour and cost less than US$20, together with a couple of tips on how to actually get out there, rather than working on your boat the whole time.

Second Level Thinking About Offshore Voyaging Boats

So what’s the best way to rig a boat, or the best hull design for offshore sailing, or the best place to mount electronics? There are no single best answers for any of that, but one thing for sure, lazy thinking and following the crowd does not yield good outcomes, or boats. John shares some tips on how to think about this stuff to arrive at the best solution for you.

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What Is Adventure?

I recently came across a video that asks adventurers how they define “adventure”, which made me think about how I define it. This is important—we call our business Attainable Adventure Cruising!

We Are Not “Captains”

A captain looking through binoculars on the deck of a ship.

This post is going to get me in all kinds of hot water, but I just can’t stand it any more. I tried to ignore it, I really did, but it’s no good, I have to say something.

What’s making me crazy is the current fashion for recreational mariners, particularly on VHF radio, to call each other “Captain”. This seems to be confined to the US, although it is spreading to Canada too. As far as I know that’s as far as it has got…I fervently hope so.