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Working While Cruising—Our Offices on “Morgan’s Cloud”

I don’t have any solid statistics to back this assertion up, but my sense is that more and more cruisers are, like Phyllis and me, and AAC European Correspondent Colin and his partner Louise, working while cruising at jobs that require long hours at a computer.

And even among cruisers who leave their jobs completely behind when they head out, many are blogging as well as editing photographs and video; all computer intensive.

And almost all of us spend quite a bit of time at the computer on boat-related tasks such as weather analysis and cruise planning.

So, given all that, I’m going to share some photos of our workstations on the previous Morgan’s Cloud, a 56-foot aluminum Mcurdy and Rhodes cutter, as well as some notes on the communications and computer gear we use, and some useful aside tips that will make all cruisers’ lives easier.

Let’s start off with the details of the gear at my workstation, the chart table, shown in the numbered photo above.