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Insanely Cool Anchorage Toys

Hanging out in a lovely anchorage is a wonderful part of cruising, but what if we could also stay fit and/or play with a really cool fast sailing dinghy at the same time?


Benefits of Multihulls

Now there’s a benefit of multihulls that I hadn’t thought of. By the way, I don’t write much about multihulls simply because I haven’t had any experience with them since I skippered a head-boat catamaran around Bermuda some forty years ago as a moonlighting job when I was a barely-making-it sailmaker. We used to load [...]


Big Lift

I have heard of “using a sledgehammer to crack a nut”, but…


Where Do Old Race Boats Go To Die?

We went for an after-dinner stroll in Lunenburg last evening and found the old Volvo 60, Amer Sports 1, alongside the visitor float. In her day, early in the millennium, she represented the pinnacle of high tech racing machines, designed and built to be sailed in the Volvo fully crewed around the world race by [...]


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