John on Andy Schell’s On The Wind Podcast

Andy and Mia of 59 North came through Lunenburg in their new-to-them Swan 59 Ice Bear a few weeks ago. The four of us had a fun dinner together at our cottage and then I joined them on their boat to record a podcast.

We covered a bunch of subjects including:

Have a listen on iTunes.

In Case You Missed Them

This is the third of these podcasts I have done with Andy and Mia. Here are the other two, assuming you are crazy enough to want to binge-listen to me blathering on for over three hours:

Andy and Mia are doing a great job with these podcasts. I simply can’t recommend them too highly. A particular favourite of mine is this one with Alva Simon.

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Bertil Klevner

Hej John!
Just listen to The Wind Podcast.
Very nice, entertaining and with serious questions and honest answers!
I wish to bring forward my credo, written with felt pen on “SOL” s cockpit bulkhead : “Sailing is not all there is to living, – but – Sailing is living”

Bertil /SOL

Jack Barnes

I listened to the podcast and that’s how I found out about this site. I became a member. Thanks for having me.

John Earwood

Have I got a boat (and a deal) for you. 1997 pacific seacraft voyagemaker.