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JHH5II-13998I’m an electronics technician by trade and a believer in logic and scientific method. When I ran my businesses I was an analytical manager delving into the numbers as a foundation for my decisions.

And when voyaging, I’m a compulsive list keeper, boat preparer and weather analyzer. Yes, I’m the hard cold facts guy. Well…except for two things:

I know, it makes no sense. But I can’t help it. On Morgan’s Cloud no one may whistle, and we never mention that animal that bacon comes from. Still it’s not that bad really. I mean, just two superstitions. Anyone is allowed that many…right?

Of course, there was my decision of last week, which some people have misinterpreted. We were getting ready to round Cape Hatteras with a lovely forecast and a fair wind but at the last moment I postponed for 24 hours so we could enjoy the port we were in and spend more time with some friends. The fact that it was Friday the 13th had absolutely nothing to do with my delay. I’m way too logical for that.

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