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What Is Adventure?

I recently came across a video that asks adventurers how they define “adventure”, which made me think about how I define it. This is important—we call our business Attainable Adventure Cruising!

When pondering this, I remembered a piece I wrote back in 2011, after a very intense Arctic voyage, which talked about the adventure of sailing in the high northern latitudes. In that piece I talked about the opportunity to explore places few others have been—i.e. novelty—and I also mentioned the challenges involved—i.e. pushing myself outside my comfort zone. And I think, for me, that about sums it up: an adventure is doing something or going somewhere unfamiliar, outside my comfort zone.

Where each of us goes and what each of us does for adventure will be different based on previous experience and level of daring, but for each one of us it requires pushing ourselves out of our area of familiarity and comfort and venturing, even if it is only a little teeny step (and we suggest that taking baby steps is the smart way for most of us—we did it that way!) outside that area of familiarity and comfort.

Anyway, check out the video (below)—it’s great fun!


And then tell us what adventure means to you.

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