Online Book: Maintaining a Cruising Boat, Chapter 23 of 24

Designing For Dux Rope Rigging—A Paradigm Shift—Part 2

Dux is light and easy to store. Here Mia carries all of a 33' offshore boat's rigging.

Dux is light and easy to store. Here Mia carries all of a 33′ offshore boat’s rigging.

In the previous chapter, Andy explained what Dux is and suggested a bunch of cool ways we can use it on our boats, even if we don’t go the whole hog with it. In this chapter he takes a deep dive into when and how to re-rig with Dux.

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Meet the Author

Andy Schell

Andy is passionate about sailing, and refitting three boats for ocean sailing has taught him a lot about systems and gear, and how to prioritize, optimize and simplify them for crossing oceans. He holds both USCG Master Mariner and RYA Yachtmaster Ocean credentials. He has been published in SAIL, Yachting World, SpinSheet and other publications. Together with Mia Karlsson, his wife and partner, he runs 59 North, Ltd., through which they offer offshore sailing adventures, host a podcast, and do boat deliveries.

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