Designing For Dux Rope Rigging—A Paradigm Shift—Part 2

Dux is light and easy to store. Here Mia carries all of a 33' offshore boat's rigging.

Dux is light and easy to store. Here Mia carries all of a 33′ offshore boat’s rigging.

In the previous chapter, Andy explained what Dux is and suggested a bunch of cool ways we can use it on our boats, even if we don’t go the whole hog with it. In this chapter he takes a deep dive into when and how to re-rig with Dux.

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Andy grew up sailing on the Chesapeake Bay and spent a year cruising Bahamas with his family. He met Mia on a backpacking trip in New Zealand in 2006, and the two have been seeking adventures together ever since. They've logged over 70,000 bluewater miles and have crossed the Atlantic a combined nine times (5 for Mia, 4 for Andy). Andy and Mia share their love of offshore sailing by taking paying crew on voyages on their Swan 48 "Isbjorn" and through their wildly popular podcast On The Wind Andy & Mia are based in Sweden when they're off the boat & love endurance sports!