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Perfect or Good Enough?


The inspiration for this post came from the several comments about the above photograph of a manifold I built on Morgan’s Cloud pointing out that:

  • The hose clamps holding the large cockpit drain hoses are too long.
  • The curve in the hose feeding the manifold is kind of tight and that, together with several 90 degree fittings, will have at least some effect on flow rate.
  • The hose at the bottom would be better routed behind the seacock, although actually it does not interfere with the handle.
  • It would be better and more elegant if the whole manifold were built from bronze fittings (or maybe Marelon), rather than a mix of CPVC schedule 80, bronze, and Marelon.

And you know what? The commenters are absolutely dead right on every single point.

But…you knew there was going to be a but, didn’t you?