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Starting With The Basics On A New-To-Us Cruising Boat

There’s nothing like getting your hands dirty in the innards of a new-to-us boat to tell you what she’s really like, so that’s what Louise and I did a week or so ago down at the boatyard in Burnham.

With a boat of this age (47 years) that has had virtually no use for the last few years, we anticipated lots of failed equipment and a need to service everything, but, so far, only the latter has proved true.

But I know that most breakdowns occur in the first few weeks of boat ownership (new or old), so rigorous preparation is the order of the day—to finish first, you must first finish, as the old saying goes.

So some basic physical toil had to be expected to ensure that we get home to Scotland safely and enjoyably.

Inspection Strategy

I have done these ‘deliveries’ many times and always work through a simple set of tasks beforehand: