29 Tips To Get Insurance For Offshore Voyaging—Us and Our Boat

First off, thanks to all of you members who shared their offshore insurance buying experiences in the comments to my last article on the subject. Much of what follows is based on that invaluable real world knowledge and the rest is based on my experience and that of friends.

Three more points before we dig in:

  • All of the following is about getting insurance for ocean crossings. Coastal insurance is much easier to get and way less expensive, and therefore not relevant to this article, although many of the tips still apply.
  • I'm assuming we are shopping for full hull and rig insurance, not just liability cover, although I do have some thoughts on that option at the end.
  • If you have not yet read the first article, please do so now, otherwise this one will make a lot less sense to you.


Let's start this with tips on things we can do to make ourselves better-looking risks to insurance underwriters and then move on to doing the same for our boats. Then in Part 2 I will wind this up with some negotiating tips.

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