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Getting Insurance For Offshore Voyaging—Understanding The Problem

Getting insurance for offshore passages is one of the biggest challenges facing many of you working to get out there cruising.

And, if your experience is anything like mine, even those of you who have been insured for years are finding real voyaging insurance ever more difficult and expensive to renew, and ever more precarious to retain.

I wish I could tell you that I had some magic solution to the problem, but I don’t. However I think I can make this problem easier to solve by:

  • Sharing our own insurance experience over the nearly 30 years we were out there, much of it cruising high-risk places short-handed.
  • Providing information on how marine insurance works and the current state of the market.
  • Sharing practical tips on how to secure offshore insurance and then maintain a good relationship with the covering company.
  • Acting as a repository in the comments for the experiences of, and tips from, the many AAC Members who are out there now or have been lately.

Yes, this is going to be long, and parts of it a bit boring, but it will also be worth your time if you really want to get out there.

And, of course, the alternative option to searching out and paying for full hull and rig insurance is to either go without any insurance at all or with liability only, but Colin has already explored that, See Further Reading.

Let’s start with our experience: