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Anne & Peter Plant

Thank you so very much, Beautiful. What an experience.

Alex Paquin

I have not read the book, but I certainly look forward to reading it this Easter holidays while floating in Paradise in Los Roques in Venezuela, aboard our own SIMPATICO, a 48´Amel Maramu ketch from 1981.
Thanks for sharing this wonderful book, even without reading it I think it is a fantastic gesture to share this with other sailors around the world.

Terry Mason

Hi John,

Thanks for your generosity; however, I tried to download the book twice and each time the download “failed” (Firefox). Any ideas?

Marc Dacey

Mine worked on the latest Firefox. Thank you.

Jim Stevens

Thanks so much. I downloaded to iTunes then to my iPad. Cool!


Hi John and Phillis

Incredible photo and travel report on an exceptional journey !

Many thanks !

Neil McCubbin

Thank you for the book gift
I have iBooks on our iPad Air, but cannot find Voyage north there.
You mention clicking on picture on the right. How do I find it on the iPad?

Terry Mason

Got it! Thank you. I’ll read it tomorrow.

Bob Ramsay

Many thanks for your generous gift, I very much look forward to reading it.



Iñigo Ortiz de Urbina

Thank you very much for this beautiful gift. Its inspiring in many senses and worrying in others….
I am curious to know how these isolated communities get their energy (renewable?) and which is their perception on climate change.
I have made some web searching and couldn’ t find publications on the CAVIAR project. I would thank you a lot some links to related publications.
Your observations on unexpected wind blows were very interesting, which is the reliability of numerical weather predictions at these latitudes? Could polar orbiting sat pics obtained with systems such as Xaxero Skyeye be useful for nowcasting those conditions? Are these catabatic winds or related to other local phenomena?
And finally, how do they cook whale blubber? The photos reminded me of how we eat in Spain fried pork rinds (chicharrones) 😉
Sorry for the cascade of questions
Thanks a lot again and congratulations to all the team

Pete Worrell

John and Phyllis:

Wow those pictures make our hearts go pitter patter. And the perfect time of year for this kind of motivation. We are headed for the sounds on the South Island of NZ this week. When we return in mid April, Patience will be ready to be splashed and soon after that on her way to Halifax.

Thank you for such a thoughtful gift at the Spring Equinox!

Pete & Kareen Worrell
SV PATIENCE (Hood Pilothouse 51)

Neil McCubbin

Hi John,
I still. A not get a link to work in my iPad, despite several attempts
Could you post a link here that will work?


Neil McCubbin

I just tried again. Worked fine this time, only a couple of minutes to download
Great book
The mystery remains why I had so much trouble

Robert Snowsill

Thankyou for the gift we are in Italy and running low on English books to read so….. this gift is appreciated and sure I will enjoy
– Your book looks to be about a fantastic destination and amazing voyage.
Another month and we to will be back cruising the beautiful Med.

Odd Arne

Hi John and Phyllis

Thank you. You are my first source to cruising knowledge here in Norway. Have waited for a long time now to have our new Boreal on water. Therefore it has been so nice to have AAC to shorten the time. – And I like your humour; especially the recommendations for “those who want to be offshore voyagers, not marine electronics hobbyists” Think you teased many of us on that article, photographers included.

Best, Odd Arne

Bob N

Thankyou. Beautiful and interesting.


I am having trouble downloading to my iPad as well. Speedtest shows ~2mbps download – do you consider that “slow wifi?”

Oguz Kunak

Thank you, John. This will go great with a full body red.


Thanks so much ! Took 4 seconds to download 🙂


Thank you very much! Amazing pictures and inspiring journey!


Thank you. A nice gift for a newcomer like we are! Very much appreciated.

Pierre and Marie-Pierre


Hi John and Phyllis,

I just downloaded the ebook. Pictures look really great. I will read it this weekend.

Thank you very very much.

Best regards

Reinhard Tvarocska

Phyllis and John,

many thanks for the nice welcome-gift.