A Real Sailor’s Motorboat Launched

Chapter 6 of 6 in the Online Book Motorboats For Sailors (Second Edition)

I have written quite a bit about sailor's motorboats and as part of that project we analyzed a very interesting boat in-build in New Zealand. That boat, the Artnautica 58, has now been launched and is in the middle of sea-trials with encouraging results. It's too early in the testing process to draw firm conclusions, particularly since [...]

Adventure 40 Interior Design

Chapter 11 of 19 in the Online Book Adventure 40

Here is the post many of you have been waiting for these many months. Believe me, the wait was worth it. Erik has come up with a truly brilliant interior arrangement that will be comfortable at sea and wonderful at anchor.

Motorboating and Sailing Compared–Part 2

Chapter 5 of 6 in the Online Book Motorboats For Sailors (Second Edition)

In this chapter, we discussed what Phyllis and I have learned about motorboats and particularly our impressions as filtered through our experience of tens of thousands of offshore miles in sailboats.

We look at seaworthiness, fuel burn and my thinking on the related environmental issues, and then finish up with what all of this means to Phyllis and me personally.

Adventure 40 Rig and Deck Design

Chapter 10 of 19 in the Online Book Adventure 40

Having finished recommissioning our own Morgan's Cloud, we are now ready to get back to revealing and discussing Erik's design for the Adventure 40. Back in June we published the hull lines and now we are moving on to the rig and deck. Erik has come up with a clean and simple layout that will function well at sea. [...]

Budgeting For a Boat

Chapter 20 of 21 in the Online Book How To Buy an Offshore Voyaging Boat

So far we have written a lot about how to buy an offshore boat, but what about the elephant in the room: how can you possibly afford to buy said boat? Matt tackles that thorny subject from the real life point of view of someone working toward just that goal.

Adventure 40 Hull Design

Chapter 9 of 19 in the Online Book Adventure 40

After over two years of work and collaboration, here is the hull design for the Adventure 40, together with a discussion of the hull form.