Online Book:

Why Not Steel?

Considering buying a steel boat? If so, you owe it to yourself to read Colin’s short Online Book that examines a beautifully built steel boat and shares what it really takes to do steel right.

Table of Contents:

It Starts At The Planning Stage

For a long time I dreamed of a steel yacht as the ideal ocean cruiser, so much so that I came very close to having one built and looked at many boats on the second-hand market. It was a dispiriting experience in many ways, as amongst the builders there seemed to be complete disagreement on [...]

Standing The Test of Time

There’s a fine old military maxim that ‘time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted’, and according to Bryan and Dorothy they approached the building of Caitlin of Argyll like a military campaign. They were determined that their new boat would not become a maintenance nightmare in future years, so they adopted every best practice they [...]

A Wealth of Good Ideas

Obviously, Caitlin is a rather special boat, as several of you commented in response to Parts I & II. I put this to Bryan, and he laughed that they hadn’t necessarily intended it to be that way, rather as something that simply got out of hand. His view is that as they knew that the [...]