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The Beauty Of Simplicity


Today our boats are more complex than ever before. And yes, there are benefits that go along with some of this complexity. But, as a general rule, simple is almost always more seamanlike than complicated.

Laziness Never Goes Unpunished


Laziness is the single biggest enemy of good seamanship. Here's an example of when I was lazy...and paid the price. But really, I got off light, it could have been a lot worse.

Clear The Decks For Action


There are few things more unseamanlike than a lot of clutter on deck. But, on the other hand, we all like our toys. Here are some thoughts (with photographs) on the things you really don't want to festoon your boat with.

Mooring Your Dinghy While Ashore, Made Easy


Some of the most fun we can have while cruising is while exploring ashore, but what if there is no dinghy dock? How do you make sure your dinghy is safe while you're gone? Here's an easy-to-deploy mooring you can build that solves the problem...and it will save your back too.