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Wharf Hockey


In Canada we have ice hockey. And then there is street hockey, for those times with no ice. But in the Newfoundland outport of La Poile, where there are no streets or roads, they have wharf hockey.

Of course, when you play wharf hockey, you need to have a good method of ball retrieval.

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David Nutt

who says youth is wasted on the young?! make the most of all you have!

Paul Mills

Ahh….. when I was a boy, all playing was done this way…… out on the street, bunch of mates, home made kit…. you tell that to kids today and they don’t beleive you!


Now we have a new excuse for going back to LaPoile.. to watch wharf hockey. Love this human interest side of your blog.

Mike Gehl

That, seriously, one of the nicest photos I’ve seen in a long while. Great composition, lighting, contrast (in shades as well as background/foreground)… damn.

Please tell me you didn’t use the old Powershot you got 5 years ago that’s been sitting under your chart table. I’d have to start all over again 😉