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Little Bay Islands, Newfoundland—No Longer Facing The Sea

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Since our last Arctic trip in 2011, John and I have been spending our summers cruising places that we rushed by on our way to and from the North but mentally bookmarked for future in-depth visits.

Our cruising ground for the summer of 2018 was the northeast coast of Newfoundland, with a focus on Fogo Island and Green Bay (Western Notre Dame Bay).

I already wrote about our wonderful stop in Fogo Harbour and the fun time we had in Lewisporte. But we had mixed feelings about our next stop: Little Bay Islands, a place that John has wanted to visit since he first saw it on the chart 25 years ago.

Outport On The Way To Nowhere

Little Bay Islands (LBI) is a small non-road-served community, one of the last in Notre Dame Bay, nestled on the shores of a snug harbour, which is sheltered by the group of islands of the same name.

Though it is not that far from mainland Newfoundland, and close to a number of other islands, the residents of LBI have a long ferry ride, followed by a long drive, to get to a shop, or a hospital, or any other services for that matter.

LBI is also out of the way for visiting mariners, tucked as it is deep in Green Bay and not on the way to anywhere. Contributing to its remoteness is the fact that not all electronic charts cover the harbour or the approaches. Our B&G plotter with Navionics charts does; C-Map, which we use on the navigation computer, doesn't.

A Fine Harbour

LBI is a fine place to visit by boat. The approaches are relatively straightforward (as long as the Coast Guard maintains the navigation buoys) and, though just a narrow cut between two islands, the entrance is deep.

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