A Perfect Anchorage?

Enough with all the person overboard stuff, time for another reminder of what it's all about.

A New Cultural Experience

Another of Phyllis' posts in our series about our cruise of Newfoundland this summer. This one on the unique wharf-culture.

Unexpected Treasures

Sure, listen to local knowledge, and cruising guides can help choose a destination, but sometimes it's better to go your own way and make up your own mind. Free post.

Phyllis shares tips about the gear we use that makes hiking such an enjoyable activity for us, from woodland trails in Nova Scotia to wilderness scrambles in Greenland to non-technical (small) mountain climbs in Norway. Free post.

In Our Own Backyard–Cub Basin

Phyllis and John are finally out sailing again. They haven't gone far yet but it's all good. Free post

Propane Tank Gotcha–Take Two

Do you carry aluminum propane tanks like we do on "Morgan's Cloud"? If so, you need to listen up as Phyllis shares some things about re-certifying and replacing them that we learned the hard way...$500 worth of hard way.

What Is Adventure?

I recently came across a video that asks adventurers how they define "adventure", which made me think about how I define it. This is important--we call our business Attainable Adventure Cruising!

Hello, Julia

This is just a short little post to share the wonderful news that on April 8th Katy, our Engineering Correspondent Matt's wife, gave birth to their first child, a baby daughter whom they have named Julia Isabel. Apparently mother and baby are happy and healthy, though not getting a lot of sleep (neither is Matt!). Congratulations Matt and [...]

Being Green On The Blue

Phyllis tackles the thorny subject of garbage management on an offshore voyaging boat.

In Our Own Backyard—Halifax

The third, and last, in Phyllis' series on cruising the Nova Scotia Eastern Shore, a reminder that we don't have to go far to have a great cruise.

In Our Own Backyard–Liscombe Lodge

We just published the next instalment of Phyllis' series on our mini-cruise of Nova Scotia, surely one of the world's great cruising grounds, particularly in the fall.

We are also trying out a new magazine-like layout. Tell us what you think.

In Our Own Backyard–Shelter Cove

With all the focus on gear, it's easy to forget what cruising is all about. Phyllis reminds us in this post.