A Taste Of Heavy Weather Offshore

Do you want to get a feel for what a long-distance offshore voyage, including heavy weather, is like? Phyllis has a reading suggestion for you. But don’t look at it as just homework! It’s also a good read.

Cruising With Less

There’s a whole genre of books and articles on how to buy a boat and go cruising on very little money. But really, how often do you meet people who have actually made it work for any length of time?

An Astronaut’s Guide To Life On Earth


When non-sailors ask John and me what it’s like to live on a sailboat, we often equate it to being in a spaceship, as in the sailboat being a self-contained entity immersed in an environment that’s hostile to human life. But is our analogy correct? What do we actually know about life in a spaceship?

Trade Wind Music


It all started with John’s post on our friend Shelly, whose beautiful voice got us thinking about the connection between sailing and art. I followed that up with a post about our friend Stephanie, who is a very talented painter, and that in turn led me to think about Marcy.

Love With A Chance of Drowning

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 11.11.09 AM

Keeping myself in books is a fulltime job even though I don’t discriminate between eBooks and regular books—it’s all good. Mysteries, biographies, non-fiction, travel writing, the occasional novel—I read them all.

My obsession with books is okay when I stick to the swap and sell-off quick tables, but whenever I enter a bookstore with a credit card in my wallet, John gets nervous. With justification.

A few weeks ago we were in Halifax running errands and, while I was waiting for John, I just happened to end up at this great independent bookstore. And that’s where I found Love with a Chance of Drowning by Torre DeRoche. Well, there was no way I was walking out without that book (along with a few more).