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I recently wrote a post on spreading happiness, inspired by Tassio and Claudia’s website. Well, their website inspired me in another way, as well.

So much of what I read/hear/see in the media lately seems to suggest that young people are screwed and can only look forward to dead-end jobs and a lifelong economic struggle. Though I believe this holds true in many ways and for many young people, it’s not the whole story. Tassio and Claudia link to a number of websites created by young people like themselves who are traveling the world (not necessarily by boat), creating art, trying to live sustainably, spreading optimism, and having adventures. So if you think that young people aren’t getting out there anymore, look closer.

Do you know of any other young people out there doing cool things? Please share their stories with us. I believe that these young people are doing us all a big favour by making the world a more exciting, adventurous, positive, and dynamic place and we need to support them in whatever way we can.

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