Living In A 12-Volt World

After voyaging and living aboard their Ovni 435 for 7 years, Colin gives us an update on what electrical kit has worked and what has died, as well as a look at newly available gear he and Louise have installed or are considering.

Lopolight—Beware The Time Suck Of Complexity


Let’s face it, there is never enough time to keep a boat that is actively out there voyaging in perfect condition:

  • to do all the routine maintenance;
  • to repair what’s broken;
  • to replace what’s too old to be trusted.

Or at least, there is never enough time if we actually want to see the places we visit and have a life outside of boat maintenance.

Therefore, we have to prioritize and be careful not to get distracted by the demands of the ever more complex machines that we clutter our boats up with. Complex machines that can rob us of time that would be better spent doing routine maintenance on the things that really matter, like our rig or engine.

Our LED tri-light has provided us with a five-year reminder of these basic facts. Let me tell you the sad story.

Short Battery Life on a Cruising Boat Fixed

A year and a half after we installed a new housebank on Morgan’s Cloud, and embarked on a field test of AGM batteries and the care regime that Justin Godber at LifeLine Batteries helped us develop, we tested the batteries. Here are the results..short version, it works.