Jackline and Tether Availability – Good News

Our mast collar showing the forward jackline cow-hitched and the cockpit-to-mast jacklines joined with a lashing. Next season we will replace the Dacron rope with Amsteel to get the lashing tighter.

Some of you will remember that our preferred jacklines were made by Hathaway, Reiser & Raymond (HR&R) in the USA. I say “were” because HR&R went out of business in 2016.

The good news is that John Savage, who was in charge of jackline production at HR&R, ended up with the equipment required and is continuing to make jacklines and tethers to order. Email John at moc.liamg@sliasegavasj or call him on +1-203-856-5164.

And for those who want to make their own, we used to recommend sourcing the webbing from a company in New York called Pam Narrow Fabrics (PNF). However, several of our readers have informed us that said company was difficult to do business with.

So here’s another source called Straps To Go, who seem a lot more up-to-date in their trading methods and who also sell by the foot, instead of requiring purchase of a whole roll as PNF did. A big thanks to member Daniel Coate for tracking them down.

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