An Astronaut’s Guide To Life On Earth

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When non-sailors ask John and me what it’s like to live on a sailboat, we often equate it to being in a spaceship, as in the sailboat being a self-contained entity immersed in an environment that’s hostile to human life. But is our analogy correct? What do we actually know about life in a spaceship?


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As an ocean sailor, or an aspiring one, we are sure you are as concerned as we are about the rampant overfishing of the world’s seas. But there is some good news: you can eat fish sustainably and avoid dosing yourself with horrible industrial toxins at the same time. Learn how from this book.

Trade Wind Music

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It all started with John’s post on our friend Shelly, whose beautiful voice got us thinking about the connection between sailing and art. I followed that up with a post about our friend Stephanie, who is a very talented painter, and that in turn led me to think about Marcy.

Love With A Chance of Drowning

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Keeping myself in books is a fulltime job even though I don’t discriminate between eBooks and regular books—it’s all good. Mysteries, biographies, non-fiction, travel writing, the occasional novel—I read them all.

My obsession with books is okay when I stick to the swap and sell-off quick tables, but whenever I enter a bookstore with a credit card in my wallet, John gets nervous. With justification.

A few weeks ago we were in Halifax running errands and, while I was waiting for John, I just happened to end up at this great independent bookstore. And that’s where I found Love with a Chance of Drowning by Torre DeRoche. Well, there was no way I was walking out without that book (along with a few more).

Green Nomad

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Luis and Marli aboard Green Nomad

We have written before about young people who have chosen sailing as their way to have adventure, see the world, and, for a good number of them, make a difference, whether it’s through their films, photographs, blog, relationships developed while underway, etc.

We’ve just added another young couple to the group we link to—thank you to frequent commentor Viv for the link.

Self-Study of Polar Bears

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Phyllis has just completed a six month long self-assigned course on polar bears. In this post she shares what she has learned about this beautiful animal and the ways her new knowledge will affect our behavior when we go north. She also expresses deep concern about what we believe to be the badly flawed policies of Parks Canada.

Certificate of Competency

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Due to pressure building on all sides (Canada, Norway, etc.), I finally caved, took a Boating Safety Course, passed the exam, and am now the proud bearer of a Pleasure Craft Operator Card (Canada).

The Boat Galley Cookbook: 800 Everyday Recipes and Essential Tips for Cooking Aboard

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boatgalleyI have to admit that I was leery about writing this review of Carolyn Shearlock’s and Jan Irons’ fresh-off-the-press cookbook, since John and I do a lot of cooking, both on and off the boat, and are a long way down the gustatory road from making casseroles with condensed mushroom soup and dried onion soup mix, the type of ingredients many boat-oriented cookbooks have traditionally relied upon.