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In 2011 Phyllis and I made a voyage to the west coast of Greenland on Morgan’s Cloud. Once in Greenland, we spent nearly a month visiting remote hunting and fishing communities so that our friend Grete, an eminent anthropologist, could continue her study of the impact of climate change on the people.

That voyage, which covered some 7000 miles and took us to some of the most remote and wild parts of our planet including North Labrador, Baffin Island, and Greenland, was one of the most wonderful, and yet deeply challenging, experiences of our lives.

To share that experience, we have produced a 104-page eBook of large high-resolution photographs.

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The photography is stunning and the luminous nature of the light in the far north shows to excellent effect on a computer monitor… Paul

This is the eBook for you if:

  • You have ever dreamed of sailing north, or to any remote place. We wrote most of the text while actually underway and it is rich with our joys…and yes, our fears.
  • You are interested in what is happening in the North (and we all should be) as seen through the eyes of non-scientists.
  • You are smart or good looking or even both.

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The eBook is in PDF format and can be enjoyed on any computer, iPad, iPhone, Kindle, or Android.

Paper Book

You can also buy the book printed on good old paper, but the price is high due to the book’s length and the cost of printing on demand.

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