Nuuk, Greenland—We’re Here!

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This is the first post describing our Arctic science trip on Morgan’s Cloud in 2011, starting with our arrival in Nuuk, Greenland, where we found a lot of changes from our first visit 16 years ago.

Humpback Whale Encounter

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Many things have changed in the north, and wildlife has definitely been affected by climate change and other pressures, but sailing close to a pod of humpback whales is still one of the most incredible of life’s experiences.

Upernavik And North

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Expedition Sailboat Morgan's Cloud in an anchorage in West Greenland

“Morgan’s Cloud” reaches her furthest north for this trip, in the Upernavik region, which takes the vigilance up a notch with more extreme weather and less accurate charting.

Science Project Wrap-Up

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What to southerners is a hostile environment, is home to Greenlandics…albeit a rapidly changing home, as a summary of the scientist’s findings confirms.