Adventure 40 Swag Now Available

Thanks to the talents and hard work of member Scott Arenz, Adventure 40 t-shirts, pullovers, and sweatshirts are now available to purchase, and while I’m no expert on swag pricing, the value seems great, thanks to Scott for applying a very modest markup.

Note: We at AAC do not take a cut either.

Not only does this swag give us all something we can touch that connects us to the Adventure 40, wearing these shirts will be a conversation starter to explain the boat to others. The more people we get interested the sooner there will be a real boat to sail.

Phyllis and I will definitely be rocking this swag…does that sound hip or what? No? Hey, I’m 70, whadda you want?

Whatever, go buy some A40 swag…(please):

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Scott Arenz

Hey everyone,

I’ll repeat the note on sizing from the merch store page so you don’t miss it:

“Sizes run small for most unisex shirts, so size up one size for a regular men’s fit. The V-Neck Unisex Tee fits true to size (men’s slim fit).”

Feel free to post requests and feedback here. We may be able to accommodate them in future batches of shirts or other merchandise.


William Sullivan

Maybe it’s there somewhere, and I did look about a bit, but do kindly reveal what fabric the swag is made from.

As a commercial fisherman fast closing in on retirement (already past the age, just have yet to heed the call 🙂 and living but a 10 minute walk from Cook Inlet, Alaska, and one terribly fond of playing in our winter out of doors, I pretty much eschew cotton garb for any other than going to town or some homesite chores. Do tell.

Thanks. I feel I continually get educated about things I care about and often am associated with when I peruse your posts.

Scott Arenz

Hi William, I can confirm that the fabric is either cotton or cotton-polyester blend, depending on the style of shirt.

Louise Johnson

Gorgeous logo!
Just ordered 😉
No way we can ‘rock the swag’ like John & Phyllis, but we’ll have fun trying!

Mark Sinn

I haven’t read these A40 posts and comments for over a year. This morning I read thru at least half of them and loved refamiliarizing myself with the A40.

I have to admit, buying one of these seems to be an easier and a more cost effective way to buy a boat than selecting a 20 year old boat and refitting, especially with the current high cost of used boats.

I ordered my shirt today and got this email.

Good news – the campaign you supported, Adventure 40 Tees & Sweatshirts, has just reached its minimum quantity of shirts needed to print!

Scott Arenz

Hi Mark, thanks for supporting the project with your order. Despite the confusing language, the email you received from the merch vendor is just saying that your shirt will be printed and shipped right away. (The awkward messaging is an artifact of their production system, which allows orders to be printed either individually or in batches. Right now it’s set it to print on demand so that there’s no wait.) I’ll send this feedback to their customer service team. Thanks again!

Mark Sinn

Thanks for your support with the swag.