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There are few if any subjects that generate more discussion and anxiety in the voyaging community than anchoring. And yes, there are any number of books out there that will tell you how to anchor well…or at least claim to. This Online Book is different…and better.

This book is for you if:

  • You dread having to anchor.
  • You head for a marina or mooring field when strong winds are forecast.
  • Anchoring causes friction between you and your spouse and/or crew.
  • You don’t sleep properly when anchored.

And even if none of that applies to you, you will still find useful stuff.

If you use the information in this Online Book you will get anchored and stay anchored.

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More Articles From Online Book: Anchoring Made Easy:

  1. Introduction
  2. 4 Vital Anchor Selection Criteria and a Review of SPADE
  3. SARCA Excel Anchor—A Real World Test
  4. SPADE, SARCA Excel, or Some Other Anchor?
  5. Rocna Resetting Failures and Evaluation of Vulcan and Mantus
  6. Some Thoughts On The Ultra Anchor, Roll Bars and Swivels
  7. Specifying Primary Anchor Size
  8. Kedge (Secondary Anchor)—Recommended Type and Size
  9. Third Anchors, Storm Anchors and Spare Anchors
  10. Anchor Tests—The Good, The Bad, and The Downright Silly
  11. Making Anchor Tests More Meaningful
  12. We Love The Way Our Anchor Drags 
  13. Things to Know About Anchor Chain
  14. Selecting a Chain Grade
  15. Anchor Chain Catenary, When it Matters and When it Doesn’t
  16. Anchoring—Snubbers
  17. Anchor Rode Questions and Answers
  18. Q&A: Hybrid Rope And Chain Anchor Rodes
  19. Anchor Swivels, Just Say No
  20. A Windlass That Makes The Grade
  21. The Perfect Anchor Roller
  22. Install A Wash-down Pump—And Save Money!
  23. Anchoring—Kellets
  24. Anchoring—Chain: Stoppers, Termination and Marking
  25. 20 Tips To Get Anchored and Stay Anchored
  26. Choosing an Anchorage
  27. Choosing a Spot
  28. 15 Steps To Getting Securely Anchored
  29. One Anchor or Two?
  30. Two Anchors Done Right
  31. It’s Often Better to Anchor Than Pick Up a Mooring
  32. Yawing at Anchor, The Theory and The Solution
  33. Yawing at The Anchor, an Alternative Cure
  34. How To Use An Anchor Trip Line
  35. ShoreFasts—Part 1, When to Use Them
  36. ShoreFasts—Part 2, Example Setups Plus Tips and Tricks
  37. ShoreFasts—Part 3, The Gear
  38. Gale And Storm Preparation, At Anchor Or On A Mooring
  39. Storm Preparation, All Chain On Deck
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Peter Griffiths

Hi John
this is the best material I have every seen on anchoring.
how can I download the book because i need to be able to access it offline when in out of the way places.

Travis E.

Hi John,
I’m new to the site and am both impressed by and grateful for all of the insights to be found here. I would like to print out the books to review away from a device screen. Is there any way to print out a book in one go rather than print one chapter at a time. Thanks much.

Travis E.

Thanks John.

Anton P.

Hi John. I am a new member and really impressed about the quality and quantity of your work, and the contribution of your members too.

As all things in life there IS (or are) an elegant solution for this request, because I am sure you get this question asked a lot and I was also surprised to not be able to download your books in PDF format, especially because the tablet images are suggestive..

I believe you should be open to such requesst, off-line use of your product is just in it’s nature.
I think one of your main concerns would be copyright issues but there could be some good solutions, think about automatically rendering PDF’s with both member info (real name, email address) and author info on the pdf’s but also in it’s metadata. This would give you piece of mind and even a way to monitor if members keep your content for personal use. I mean no one would be so stupid to “share” his personal data in the public domain.

If you are interested I could send you a mindmap of my thoughts.
With a minimal investment of hiring a WordPress developer you could have a custom WP plugin which offers such a feature, for you just a few clicks to install and have the whole process automated.

Cheers and keep up the good work.

David Raphael

Love the books and setup you have. As they are essentially a ‘living and growing version’ reading them online is just great for me.

Loic Robineau

Hi John! First, thank you for sharing all this real life knowledge.
I have to buy new docklines for our new to us 39 feet sailboat. I found some contradictory informations on the web. Could you give us your opinion on what length these lines should be?