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The Right Anchor


There are so many anchors and so many conflicting claims it's hard to know what to buy. In this chapter we cut through the fog with clear recommendations of the anchors that work and a warning list of those that we don't trust.


This is the first of four posts I'm going to write on ways to save money while cruising. These are not the sort of tips beloved of the sailing magazines that can save you a few dollars—you know the ones, "how to make your varnish brushes last longer"—but tips that can save you real money and keep you out [...]

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Which Anchor Chain Should We Buy?


In the last chapter on chain we looked at the three grades of chain normally used for anchor rodes on cruising sailboats. In this chapter we carry on from that base and examine the trade-offs between the grades and the things that you need to know when selecting the right anchor chain and gauge for your boat.

Online Book: Anchoring Made Easy—Technique, Chapter 6 of 11

Two Anchors Done Right

Different types of boat lie in different ways- the narrow tidal anchorage at Sapinho, Baia de Camamu, Brazil.

Some of my favourite anchorages are strongly tidal, a perverse eccentricity you may think. But I love the living feeling of the boat as she swings to the new tide, and the ever-changing view scratches my curiosity constantly and gives me a heightened sense of place. Other than that, tidal anchorages only offer endless possibilities [...]

Online Book: Anchoring Made Easy—Technique, Chapter 5 of 11

One Anchor or Two?


So the question is: Should you use one anchor or two, and if two, in what circumstances? Answer: if your boat is properly set up and equipped you should almost never need to set more than one anchor. Here is why: OK, I admit it. We have two bow rollers on Morgan’s Cloud, and back [...]

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Setting The Anchor

Weed ball  091 IMG_1563

After seven years of using a ‘new generation’ anchor, it’s been quite an education to go back to the older generation. A bit like exchanging your Porsche 911 for a Volkswagen Beetle—both will get you from A to B, but there the similarity ends. For the last two years we have chartered yachts for our [...]

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